Frequently Asked Questions How much does holiday lighting cost? Installation starts at $299 and varies depending on how many linear feet of lights it will take to light up the requested area.  We will come out and measure for free and provide a detail drawing with a itemized list so you will know exactly how much item cost depending on what you would like to have installed. How much does an on-site estimate cost? Estimates are free. What areas do you cover At this time we service Allen, McKinney, Fairview, Frisco, and surrounding cities, for more information if we go to your area please Call … 972-630-9627 Are there electrical requirements? Yes, a large number of strands require a dedicated circuit. If you are wanting a large area of lights installed we suggest going with LED lights, this can significantly reduce the amount of power required and allow us to safely install more lights. We cannot be held responsible for inadequate, faulty, or overloaded electrical sources at the place of service. You may be required to provide electrical connection from inside the house or hire an electrician to ensure minimal electrical requirements. LED vs Incandescent Christmas Lights – C9 LED has come a long way in the last few years to look like the Incandescent C9 Holiday Lights we are so used to and love.  The fact is though Incandescents are energy hogs. Every Incandescent bulb pulls 7 watts, every 10 bulbs is equal to a 70 watt light bulb so you see it doesn’t take long until you are requiring lots of power to run your Christmas display. LED C9 bulbs only pull .6 watts, so ONE Incandescent is equal to 11 LED bulbs.  While the cost for LED bulbs is higher the electrical cost to run them is lower and it greatly opens up a number of lights we can add to your outdoor Christmas light display before running into available power issues.  America is slowly moving toward LED light bulbs and the price will continue to drop as they do.  This is a great option now for those wanting to really light it up for the holidays but just don’t have the available power. How much advance notice do I need to schedule an installation? Due to the high demand for Christmas lighting, we recommend estimate appointments be made as soon as possible to ensure availability and scheduling .  We can also add you to our email list that we send out in October reminding you to schedule and any discounts we are offering. When can my holiday decorations be installed? Holiday decorating begins as early as October and continues until the third week in December. Removals begin on January 2 thru January 15. What is the maximum height the lights can be installed? For homes, the maximum height is 40 feet. For commercial jobs, the maximum will vary, please contact us to learn more. Do my lights stay on all day? The option of an outdoor timer is available – the use of an outdoor timer is recommended and can significantly cut down on energy costs. What if a strand goes out? If a strand goes out within 48 hours of installation, the lighting contractor will replace the strand free of charge, no questions asked. NOTE: If it is raining/snowing, or precipitation is in the forecast, turn off and unplug all your lights. Leaving lights on during precipitation will cause the lights to short circuit and go out. Who provides the lights and decorations? We will be responsible for providing all lights, decorations, and equipment which will all be included in the quote. (ask us about year-round storage). What if I have my own lights?  Sorry no…… At this time we can only install our lights, store bought lights have increased our call backs and are very inferior to the commercial quality lights we install. Can you do commercial holiday lighting (shopping plazas, apartments, malls, etc.)? Yes! We have the skills and equipment and insurance necessary to do large installations. Please check out our Commercial Christmas light division at